Saturday, April 26, 2008

My baby is 6: How did that happen???

S turned 6 and we began a week-end long celebration this morning. Both she and E had manicures, complete with adorable nail art, at the local, cheap nail place. Then, the finale. S's big present from mom was getting her ears pierced (for which she chose her birthstone studs). What a lucky girl to have a April birthday since diamonds are April's birthstone. She was very brave.

After a quick trip to pick up a bathing suit for E and a jacket/sweatshirt for S, all while continually trying to explain why the Burlington Mall is still decorated for Christmas and the sign outside says it's called something different due to the filming of the Kevin James movie, we drove home. We spent some time outside playing at the playground and then promptly got back into the car (thank God A handled the transitions beautifully) and drove E to a friend's house 20 miles away. Buying gas for a mini-van is *crazy* when it costs $3.50/gallon, and you don't get great mileage to begin with.

Tomorrow is S's birthday party (hosted by me) and most of her kindergarten class will be there, along with other special friends :-) Of course, the 12 Dancing Princesses cake has already been ordered.... I'll post pics tomorrow.