Monday, July 23, 2012

A perfect summer day

Best buddies

It's always fun to see friends who have moved away.  This weekend, we took a hike in the Fells, our goal to find one of the two towers that give you a nice view of the Boston skyline, with our now-Floridian friends.  We ended up at the Bear Hill Tower.  (I have my own painful issues with the locale, which I will keep to myself here).  The weather was perfect, no humidity.  Having always gone hiking there with friends who know where they are going and being directionally-challenged, it was amusing to have to park at one of the few lots (called Sheepfold), as opposed to a side street.  Why you might ask?  *Everyone* at Sheepfold has a dog.  Apparently, it is one of the few off-leash dog parks in the area.  I am scared of dogs no fan of dogs, but I will say everyone was super-friendly and no canine jumped on me.

It was a tad strange.  The family we met up with includes Emily's best buddy C (and her two younger siblings).  But, it wasn't her mom, who is my dear friend, who flew to Boston for the weekend.  Rather, it was their dad.  Another sad/bad divorce situation (do any of my friends stay married?),  so I smiled and just enjoyed it for the sake of the children.  (He was friendly and nice to me).  We all had so much fun.  Too much maybe- C's little sister suggested outloud (clearly 8 year olds do not have filters), "maybe you and my dad should get married."  

Oh my.

As I shrugged off the idea, I couldn't help but laugh. (I barely know the guy and he is the opposite of my "type").   No, I won't be dating my friend's ex-husband.

The morning and lunch were both lovely.  The kids had a blast, we enjoyed some yummy Mexican sandwiches called "tortas", and all was good.  Until, sadly, I realized I had pushed myself too far with the pulled muscle I already had, and the hiking caused *something* to tear/rip/cause excruciating pain.  After lots of ice and ibuprofen, a wonderful meal from an equally wonderful friend, and 48 hours having passed, I'll be hobbling to the doctor's this morning.

In the end, it was so worth it.  Hearing the kids' laughter is the BEST medicine for any parent.