Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When your cats are your bedfellows...

In June, after much ado, we got two middle-aged cats. Maddie and Kitty were well-deserved gifts for the kiddos. If you know me, you know I am not an animal person. My pet owner karma was also pretty bad, as the two attempts to keep fish alive were both unsuccessful. I even managed to kill beta-fish. How do you do that?

I never aspired to be the lonely old woman who loves her cats more than anything. For the record, I love my kids more and I don't think I'm that old. However, these two curious creatures have become a source of amusement and comfort for me.  They are not kittens, which makes them a better match for me. Their history is a bit convoluted but it's thought they are mother and daughter. Kitty, who is nearly all black, is quite friendly and loves to play. Maddie, gray and grumpy, is more of an observer. Interstingly, both Julia and Andrew seem to really enjoy Maddie and she serves as our resident "therapy cat".

The nights the kiddos as with their dad, the cats instinctively know they are welcome to jump on my queen sized bed and get comfortable. Admittedly, it's pretty pathetic that my bedmates are felines, but they are much less trouble than men IMO. The benefits may be different, but they are always there purring and happy for the love and attention.

Am I destined to become a crazy cat lady? Perhaps. There are worse things in life, right???